First Ever "SAR Global Tool" T-shirts coming

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I will be offering a t-shirt, I have never offered a t-shirt under the "SAR Global Tool" label. They of course will be of the highest quality and the design is rocking a little bit of the old SAR and the New SAR.

Front of the shirt will be the SAR oval arrow logo with Global Tool with the circle r which I am very proud to be a "Registered company in the U.S.. The back will have the Skeleton Hornet which is the very design that put me on the map and help pave the way to where I am now. Also the Hornet XL production knife is being offered one last time and is going fast if you are interested in getting one go to POHLForce USA talk to Phil and he will square you away. My signature logo below the Hornet only goes on my 'Top shelf" or prototype knives and gear. On the right shoulder will be the reverse American flag and will be offered in Tan and O.D. Green color shirts of the best quality stock I can afford.

The logo's will be one color (black).

Mitchell Martin of Gator Graphics Gator Graphics is doing the work. He is a really awesome and respected artist who is local to Louisiana. He has been making shirts for my partner John Hurth that runs TYR Group LLC which is a world class "Visual Combat Tracking" school and I have had the pleasure of seeing the quality and care that goes into John shirts he offers through his Webpage

 Last time I had shirts or swag was back in 2007 and things are changing with more coming down the pipe. If you are interested in a shirt please send me your size and color Tan or O.D. Green and I will place you in the pending file and contact you with payment info when they come available spencer@sarglobaltool.com . I want to make some in Pink for the ladies as well so come on ladies and get some let me know please



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