Nothing goes to waste and R&D

I had three small pieces of Ti, not wanting to waste anything I built these for the key-chain. Good little tool for opening package's and such. What you see is what you get. Send me a email if you would like one.


$25.00 shipped all fees etc

6-4 MILSPEC Titainium 3" long
Small cutting grove with carbide enforced edge
3/16 lantard hole/1 with lanyard 2 without

Been working on some cool projects lately, and prototyping some new ideas with new materials.

I learned a few skills this summer working at my friends machine shop which have allowed me run my lathe better. The lathe is really nice it's a WEBCO from Germany, variable power feed and speed..

 I have started a new device I have been wanting to get going for some time. I made the first one about six month ago. it was not until recently that I found the solution to the problem. So I have started to get the ball rolling and currently waiting on samples of material needed from a Texas based company. I have been making the current ones with off the shelf material here, but it's not good enough for this tool. I am not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet so this will be continued.



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  1. The infared photo looks great... Nice to see what equipment is actually being used the most :)