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SAR 2012

Folks without going into a big old explanation of where I was I will just say I am back in the shop with the intentions of staying there so now that we are over the tearful reunion I have a new item I would like to test run. Some of you are like "Dang dude build a knife" that is my focus but I wanted to get the ball rolling on this.....so just hang tight and see what happens.

ATTENTION order information is at the bottom, please read carefully and follow the simple instructions or be passed over simple as that.

SGT Triple Signal devise or TRI-SIG. A Active/Passive day and night signal device, NO Batteries required on you the signaler.

The base triangle is made from G10 which is pretty much a indestructible material explanation of FR-4 aka G10 and measures 2" across the bottom and up the sides. They come in two standard colors which are shown International Signal Orange and Black. If needed I can fulfill special color demands on custom orders for SAR units, LEO's, Firefighters, etc but will require you meet a certain a quota.

The front side features a 5/8 316 Stainless Steel washer that is highly polished and has good reflectabillity. (Same as the Moon Glow Micros).

On the back is a 1" disk of reflective tape available in various colors with a small inter disk of Glow in the dark MIL-SPEC lume tape (Cat Eyes)

                   Shown above is the SOLAS/Lume combo fixed to a life jacket via parachute cord

The Coast Guard approved SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) is the most reflective and has the most candle power of all tapes offered on the current market. The colored Type III reflexite tape is to a lesser degree than SOLAS but is extremely effective as well. The 3M high gain is really great as well for those that require location possibilities during use with Night Vision goggles (NVG's) it will work with regular lighting but when luminated with a laser device is visible for miles. The MIL-SPEC lume tape has been in use by the military for as long as I can remember and is very effectictive and requires only to be charged up during daytime and will glow for hours during periods of limited visibility (Darkness)

Options currently available. Washer and lume are standard on all devices

For a tactical setting and lower vis  option of Black is available, its a great background that does enhance the visibility of the tape more so than the orange.

Black version on chest rig attached with a 220 pound rated stainless steel screw gate clip that has been stonewashed to reduce glare and overall visibility.

                                           Shown above with Orange Type III reflexite tape

The rest of the pictures are other consideration for placement on key items, use you imagination and you could find many applications for this device

                                                                        Medical Kits

Personal GPS

Key chain or lanyard on a survival knife (Not shown)

I have a limited number on hand so its a first come first serve basis, if you are on the fence and miss the boat all I can offer is a sorry because I cannot promise I will do another run.

The price for now will be $25.00 dollars included S&H all PP fees etc.

Ordering instructions
Send a email to sarglobaltool@gmail  with your request of G10 color Orange or Black and what color sticker you would like SOLAS,  Blue, Orange, Green, 3M High gain. I will in turn send you a quick books invoice with payment instructions and payment options.

As of this moment the first 6 will get the stonewashed screw gate included, that's is all I have in stock. I will try to find this item and include in the future if feasible, other than that you will be responsible for how you fix it to your gear.

Please what you see is what you get ask for anything else and I will move on to the next customer.

ALL orders ship USPS first class or parcel post, I have shipped thousands of Signal tags in this manner and found it to be the best option.


SAR Global Tool
Spencer Alan Reiter


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    Be Safe and congrats again on the promotion!

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