Monday pictures

Going try and update the blog on Mondays with some photo's and what will be in the works for the week. Things change so fast that it may not happen but I will give it my best.

"Last Ditch Knife" Designs!

I have a few designs that fall into this category, so I will promote it as such. Hope that helps with any confusion on ordering. My goal is to start filling the "Edged Tools" on my web page, and keeping the designs in stock.

First up is the "BOB" Bug out Blade"

A small knife designed to compliment your Bug out kit, so far I have made them in CPM D2 and 3V. Both straight and recurved. I added a new feature to the lanyard and its proved to be effective and added some function to the overall use of the design. Look for this knife in the coming weeks, as I lean forward to get some ready.

The next LDKD is called the Odd-Job. another small blade design packed with some muti-task features. Designed for a good friend over in the UK who runs a great site called OscarDelta SPD . Have a look at his site and some great hard to find gear. The Odd-Job has been made in CPM 154, CPM D2, 1095 and next run will be in 3V. It will also be dressed up in black dura coat and ready for hard use.

 The above proto-type was done last year, the material is 6LA4V ti.

This batch in CPM 154 is at the Dura Coater getting dressed up! all but one will be heading over to OscarDelta SPD. I will be sending this design to Halpern Ti for water jet this week, I have no control on when they fit me in but they always take care of me!

The last design is the Survive/Escape which is a full size hard use knife. I am working on three at the moment and will put some pictures of the progress this week.

All right time to get going and talk with you guys later!


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