"Inglorious Bastard"

A large utility/fighter made from a Nicholson "Bastard" cut file, from the good old days when they made them in the USA.

The Hamon is not by any design, it occurred during heat treat. Adding some beauty to the used rough looking basterd file.

This design was inspired by a World War I book that is part fiction part fact? When the "Bayonet" was as important as your "Rifle", part of the daily weapons maintence was putting a keen edge on.

I thought of calling it the "DoughBoy Delight"?

Inglorious "Bastard"
Approx.14" OAL 5 1/4" handle 8" blade with false edge
Textured GCM handle with multiple lanyard holes
Hand rubbed 800 grit acid etched
Not decided on the sheath, I may send out for leather.



  1. Man, that is sweet! Reminds me of those "pig stickers" they use in S. Texas hunting hogs. I normally do not like light colored handle materials, but that one goes well with that blade. Good job!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Green canvas micarta has to be one of my favortie handle materials, in time and use it will get very dark.


  3. Gorgious and clever! I want to buy one! I notice my new Nicholson files do not say made in the US. A shame.

  4. Wow that thing is really cool! Probably the nicest file knife I have seen (a hell of a lot better than the one I tried to make at least). I want one!

  5. This is the one I want. NOT Kidding.. :)

  6. id buy one really great design.