SAR Global Gear For Sale 09FEB11 *Updated*

I have all the following in stock and ready to ship.

SAR Gear for sale

Order info
Send me a email at spencer@sarglobaltool.com or sarglobaltool@gmail.com let me know what you may want, I always send a detailed quickbooks invoice for payment.
All items include PP, Shipping and Handling.
All items ship First class parcel ( if you want it faster let me know )
All items usually ship with-in 24 hours
All items shipped overseas will require a little extra to get it there.
I do accept Pay Pal, Postal MO and personal checks. Item will ship when funds are received


SAR Eclipse Signal System $15.00 each shipped

SAR Eclipse Signal Device W/ Ti knife tag $40.00 Shipped

SOLAS 3M High intensity Reflective tape for night signal
Mirrored tag for day time signal
6LA4V Titanium tag with carbide enhanced edge
Pocket, MOLLE, Money clip etc

SAR Moon-Glow Micro Elite $35.00 shipped

Main disk is moon glow
Flat or Domed mirror polished 316 stainless steel reflector for day signal
SOLAS 3M high intensity reflective tape for night signal
Stainless steel bead chain and stainless steel split ring.

SAR Tac-Ti comb w/pocket clip .080"1"x4" 6LA4V MIL S. $100.00
Plain or textured finish

SAR Dead Ringer comb W/kydex sheath .080"x1.7"x5.8" 1 1/4" hole 6LA4V Mil S. $100.00
Hornet comb bottom right is not available at this time


  1. I purchased the SAR Moon-Glow Micro Elite a wee while back. Shipping was slow (as it was coming to me from the opposite side of the world) but the wait was worth it. I got myself a shorter chain so it sits just under my clavicle, it can be seen whilst wearing a T-shirt or business shirt. When transitioning from outdoors to indoors this thing will light up nicely. Even after 6 hours of pitch black this thing will still glow away. The SAR Moon-Glow Micro Elite really is a piece of art as well as a useful signalling tool. You will not regret getting yourself one of these.

    Reuben Ellett (New Zealand)

  2. Neat tag. But is it engravable?