The DVM/US Military Contractor Knife Project

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I had a post up here about day 1 of a work in progress I did with James Grey of "Death Valley Magazine"  DVM home page . We have worked together for the last few months on a knife design, I decided to do a very involved "work in progress" which through comment, photography and video I was able to show almost every major step of the design, construction and finishing of the knife. It made the overall time line of completion much longer, but in the end I think it served its purpose to educate people on what goes into custom tool/knife making. No magic, no mystery heat treat formula, no baying at the moon etc, just a systematic approach with some good old elbow grease and the desire to build the best knife possible.

I like to use the term "What you see is what you get" or "It is what it is", its really that simple. Trying to build the "one knife that does it all" is impossible so "What you see is what you". The knife however is a sound design, solid construction, with nice form, and back by "Me" because it has my name stamp on it.

I am working with James to build a run of limited numbers, and will certainly let anyone know who is interested in this knife the opportunity to purchase one. The feedback has been great, I know there are just as many folks that don't like the design but I have learned its very hard to please everyone!

Instead of me re posting the "WIP" here which would be very time consuming, I will just direct you over to DVM. DVM is a great place with a very knowledgeable, talented, group or writers that base there articles off of real time deployments, current professions, etc. The "Dark Humor" associated with all the articles helps drive the point home a tad bit better than other place's in my opinion and that one reason why I look forward to the funny ass picture, the comedy and short content every 24 hrs.

Anyways enough of my bullshit here are some links to the all the post

SAR Global Tool/DVM US Contractor Knife project

DVM/US Military Contractor knife Completed

Here is a link to all the you tube videos for the WIP

SAR Global Tool video channel

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and safe travel!

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